How to use PhotoFinale to Place an
Order from Angie Svoboda Photography

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You may see this "We're Sorry" screen when you click on "Order Prints" on the opening web page.
This is because the ordering and gallery program I use to run my online gallery needs to work with Internet Explorer version 7 (or higher). You will get this page asking for you to download to the current Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) version. If you do not want to upgrade to "IE 8 " I would recommend that you download Firefox. You can find this at . This is a very stable web browser and I highly recommend this program, it is the browser I use. So do this now and then we can move on to the veiwing and ordering of images.

( To determine what version of internet explorer you are using- you can check by clicking on tools - then internet options. A box will pop onto your screen which will tell you the version you are currently working with.)

If you get this page- then you have to upgrade or download another browser.

Now open the browser of your choice (IE7, Firefox or Safari). Click on "Order Prints" on the home page. You now may see this screen. Don't worry- you are being asked to download a little program by Microsoft called "Silverlight". This Microsoft program runs the online galleries. Just click on the green "Get Silverlight" bar to get started.

A new browser window (or tab) will open. Go ahead and click on "Click to Install"

Click on "Run" - give it a little time to download. It is a small program and will not take long. Then click on "Run" to start the install process.

Next you will see the Silverlight install window. Click on "Install now" - once it is installed you will be asked if you want to enable Microsoft updates. You do not have to check this. Click on "Next"

You will now see this window. You have installed Silverlight and are ready to place an order. You can close this window (or tab).

Now click on the "Order Prints" selection on the home page. Give the web page time to download and open. It takes some time. You will see and blue circle with a percentage as it begins to download the galleries. Next you will see a blue line begin to move along the grey bar in the middle of the page. This is just showing you the progress of the loading of my galleries

You will slowly start to see all the galleries come onto the screen.

**At any time you get lost and want to go back to the home page with all the galleries. Just click on my Angie Svoboda Logo at the top left hand side of the screen.**

Once the galleries are downloaded you can use the right and left side arrows to move to see more galleries hidden. (Notice the dark grey bar in the middle with the green outline- this gives you an idea of where you are on the page and how many galleries are hidden).

Click on the gallery you would like to place an order from. You will notice that it opens and allows you to click on "View"- go ahead click on it. :)

This first page is just a preview page of all the images in the gallery. You can use the sliders on the right side of the screen (shown with pointing arrows) to make the images larger and move down the page. Remember this is just a preview page. You need to click on "Order Prints" when you are ready to start selecting image to order.

You will notice that the order bar shows up on the right side of the screen. Now just click on the top part of the image you would like to order. It will turn green (this is the indication that you have it selected). You can also hold down the control key and click on several images to select multiple images for ordering). Once the image is green click on the size of print you would like to order (click on the (+) sign. You will see that a number is placed on the image. (Red for 4x6, orange for 5x7 ect). If you change your mind and do not want to order the print, just remove it by clicking on the (-) sign.

If you want to see a larger view of the image before you order it. You can click on the middle part of the preview image. You will see "view" click on the view and a large image preview will show up. You can't order from this view. To go back just click on the back arrow in the GREY BAR on the right side of the screen. (NOT the back arrow of the browser).

Again **At any time you get lost and want to go back to the home page with all the galleries. Just click on bottom "Angie Svoboda Prints at Good Life Photo" bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen.**

Once you have selected all the images to be ordered. Click on "Checkout". A review of your order will show up. This is a very cool page. You can change the number of prints you want on this page and even crop the image from this page. The crop lines are in green on the images change the crop be clicking on the + or - signs.

Give me any special instruction on this box.

You can have your images mailed to you or pick them up at Good Life Pharmacy. Just click on the drop down box to select "Good Life Pickup"

Fill out the form- we need to know who you are if we have questions.

If you have a coupon code-- insert it here.

Soon you will get a confirmation page. You will also get a confirmation email.


© 2009 Angie Svoboda